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Your body will thank you!

I cannot say it loud enough (or often enough for those who don’t listen) that eating produce is important!


It is recommended when dealing with a health concern, namely multiple sclerosis, that fruit and vegetable intake goes up a notch. The NMSS recommends 4 to 6 servings of fruits and vegetables each and every day. This dietary change provides vitamins and minerals, fiber (which can ease a common complaint amongst those who have been diagnosed with MS-constipation), and antioxidants.


As well as providing necessary vitamins, minerals, and fiber, many fruits and vegetables have anti-inflammatory properties. Hopefully you have heard me talk about the benefits of incorporating an anti-inflammatory diet and turn my story about how I made that change for myself. That is definitely the best decision I’ve ever made as far as my diet is concerned and I will never eat another way! 

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 I understand you may be a little hesitant to eat that much produce or it may sound impossible to do. I was there once, too. The idea of eating that many vegetables is daunting before you get creative. And this is creativity that anyone can do, I promise.


 Let’s break it down a bit so you can see how simple this can really be:

  • having vegetables for breakfast is simple to do with a breakfast bowl
  • make a smoothie for a nutrient packed snack!
  • Leave fruits and vegetables out in the kitchen for easy snacking.
  • Add a new veggie to your dinner recipe
  • Adopt a new rule in your house – no produce gets thrown away! (This will help you to eat fruits and vegetables quickly without allowing them to go bad)

It is important to remember that when eating fruits and vegetables, variety is essential! Instead of cooking your veggies 10 different ways, try a variety of fruits and veggies in every meal. Along with this variety not only will you get exciting new recipes and ideas for future meals, but you will also begin a new or body a range of nutrients which is sure to benefit you!

Are you already incorporating anti-inflammatory foods?


Maybe you already upped your veggie intake and you’re ready for more tips on eating well and living a happy, healthy, successful life. Awesome! Comment below and let me know your triumphs so far!