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…one meal at a time.

I never intended to eat a “diet“. I thought I ate healthy enough and honestly never believed the stuff I was told in middle school about what I “should” eat.

To me, the food pyramid was a childish attempt at control (more on that later) and I wasn’t falling for it. Of course I should probably point out that I had always been pretty stubborn.

That is until I hit a point in my life that being stubborn did not do me any favors.

I had my son in December 2007 and within the first year of his life my world took a drastic turn. I was diagnosed with MS in January 2009 after an extremely difficult year and went blindly into a world I had never known. (Read more about my story here TK)

I continued to be ignorant for several years, not completely understanding that I was throwing fuel on the fire.

After getting the message that I didn’t know everything, and that I should do something before it is too late, I took a serious look at the world I was living in.

I began to read, a lot, and I began to stir up conversation with people that actually knew what they were talking about. Imagine that, right?!

I made changes to what I ate, eliminating specific foods and introducing new ones. Some of this was good but some of it I had a really hard time with. No potato chips?! You’ve got to be kidding me! I didn’t know if that was a world I wanted to live in, but I knew that if I did not make a change, I wouldn’t have the choice.

The very first thing I did to take on eating differently was a small step, one that I was comfortable with. One that my stubborn behavior could deal with. I took on an Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

Though this seemed big in my head at the time, it was really quite simple to do.

I started with salad because that seemed simple enough and I could still get the variety that I craved.

Every salad had to start with the essential serving of greens (REAL GREENS like kale, spinach, arugula) and I always remembered that variety is the spice of life! Then, I added goodies to my salads like sunflower seeds and nuts which felt indulgent but were actually good!

I began adding things like broccoli and seaweed and before I knew it my fresh palette was expanding!

Really it just came down to adding more good stuff to what I ate each day. And let me tell you, the rewards have been amazing!

My family and I  have been eating an anti-inflammatory diet now for many years and it’s just natural to us all. Even my son greatly enjoys the food we eat and asks for a second helping of bok choy. Who would’ve thought!

Are you wondering if Anti-Inflammatory is right for you?

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