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A good lesson didn’t come easy

When I was younger I got into the health field because I wanted to become a doctor. I wanted to help people heal.

I got older and I watched myself turn from an Incredibly healthy young girl to a sickly woman diagnosed with a chronic dis-ease and I had no idea how.

I was the one that wanted to help other people – how could this have happened?

Then I learned.

I learned how dis-ease comes about, how the body heals itself when given the means, and how all of this can be prevented by anyone that wants to live a happy, healthy life.

The most important lesson I learned, aside from what foods actually feed my body, was the fact that doctors don’t actually heal. Our bodies are the ones doing the healing.

 Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal.

I know. Take a moment, read that again… I’m completely serious and I understand if you need a moment. That caught me by surprise when I first learned it too.

We are raised going to the doctor when we get ill. The doctor makes us better. That’s what we have always believed. Like myself, you may even aspire to be the doctor, believing that we will heal the sick.

I went to the doctor over and over, just waiting for a solution to how I felt. And nothing came.

I did research and pinned it down to two possibilities of what could be holding me back from achieving the happy healthy life that I desired.

I went to my doctor’s office demanding to be tested.

I knew the results before the test began. I knew it because this was what I wanted. I wanted to put a name on it, to have something that the doctors could help me with, something that I could blame for all my unhappiness.

And I got it. I received exactly what I asked for.

I have now spent the last decade figuring out why I asked for such a thing as this and how to bring myself out of a state of dis-ease by accepting and giving more love than I could comprehend.

Are you wondering how giving more love can change your life?

Love can do amazing things! If you are ready to live a happy, healthy, successful life, schedule a FREE CALL with me today!